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    HGH cycle question

    Hello fellow bbder's,

    I have a quick question....I have six kits of Serono Serostim 125 i.u.'s each to cycle. Here's the question:

    Should I do 2 iu's in a.m./2 iu's in p.m. M-F for 12 weeks and 2 kits should be sufficient and have a total of 3 cycles of growth since I have 6 kits. Or....

    Should I do 2 iu's in a.m./2 iu's in p.m. S-S for 12 weeks with 3 kits and have 2 cycles of growth.

    I plan to stack some sort of Test ester @ 1,000 mg per week. Which ester would be the best? Also, should I add Deca at about 400 mg/week?

    I've read that insulin is the best stuff to stack with HGH, but I'm a little weary of using it.

    Your experience and knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    You can stack just about anything you want with gh. it does work alot better but do us all a favor and do some serious searching on "humalog" before you even consider it.

    I take half my dose after I eat braekfast and the other half around 5pm

    I would take it 7 days a week and use it till it runs out...

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