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    let me rephrase my question

    i asked a question about drol the other day but all i got was answers i didnt need,maybe it was the way i asked,so here it goes at another angle.
    wk 1-3 dbol 30 mg ed
    wk 1-10 sus 500 mg wk
    wk 1-10 deca 500 mg wk
    wk 10-13 prop 100 mg ed
    wk 10-13 winny 50 mg ed
    im just finishing up wk 3 and so far put on 12 lbs(i know it mostly water)
    my ? is if i add drol wk 4-8 will i see size from it.or is my body already at its max from the dbol? how much water can a body hold?
    this is what im doing so dont tell me to use cyp or enethate
    i know 8 wks on orals isnt good/and 3 more wks at end
    i dont want to add liquidex,or armidex(i like water bloat)
    thanks guys,not trying to be a dick i just want that one ? answered from someone who has tried it

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    Bro i am not sure if you can reach your saturation point in terms of water weight, but i'll keep it bumped to see if anyone has an input.

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    You will see size from it...One of my buddies did 4 weeks on the dbol at 40mg a day and switched over to 100mg drol for 4 weeks and he gained about 11lbs during those 4 weeks...

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    i posted on your thread in the over thirty forum, saying that running it in the middle or end probably wont give you much more size, but you might very well get some extra strength from this setup, being the way you want to do it. ive run anadrol in the middle and end of a few cycles, and i was hoping for the same thing you were bro, and it just didnt happen for me. but we're all different so maybe it will happen for you.
    hope this helps you some.........

    peace bb79

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