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    oooouuuch pain in the ass

    on a 10 week cycle.....first 7 weeks went by fine....250 ml of galenkia last three weeks are 400 ml of brovel t200....I took my 8th shot it hurts like a bitch never happened to me like this before...could barely sit down or walk....can i do anything to help the pain?? thanks bro's

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    im on cyp right now and i add 1ml of eq with 1 cc of cyp and its almost pain free. try filling up the sink with some warm water and setting the syringe in there for a few minutes before injecting. i did this with sus and it helped alot. good luck

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    Asprin, (or any type of anti-inflamitory), Massage, Ice the area after the injection. Try shooting higher up on your glut, not so close to the area that you sit.

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    Are you frequently switching injection sites? cause that could be the problem. Injecting into scar tissue is not fun, let me tell you. If you are switching the sites, then make sure you massage the area and if needed apply ice. I find the heating the oil under hot water helps before injection, as does injecting right after a hot shower or the steam room

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