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    Greece (Faliraki) Gear ?

    I am off to Faliraki tomorrow for a holiday for 2 weeks. I am hoping to get a bit of gear over there just for personal use and bringing it back to the uk. does anyone know what the best gear is to bring back from greece is,and what they call it over there. Its not worth me bringing back debol because is very cheap over here. i was thinking of some sust 250 ? and some Winny ? any suggestions ? and what would i expect to pay for 1ml of sust 250 in greece ? Please help

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    you havent a chance unless you hve a scrpit form a doc.Mainland Greece is fine but as a tourist they will put the prices up anyway. I suggest you find a local gym and carefully ask around there or if you find a pharm. see them quick because if they will give it to you they will have to order it from the mainland

    Remember bringing it back to the UK can still cause you probs with C&E so dont go over the top
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    bro i am greek .faliraki is in athens so your partialy at the rught place.if u go to gym and start asking around seeing your a tourist and a stranger youl probably get your ass kicked!as i said before if u have the idea of comming to greece and walking into a pharmacynad scoreing your wrong theyl laugh at you,and if u do convinec them o give u some ,they will jack the price way high knowing your notgreek too.but this is wahts available in the pharmacys
    dbol ,
    winny (new)
    primo ,
    of course deca
    clomid,nolv,arim.,proviron ,testoviron ,andriol ,
    rarely sust.
    good luck youl need it.

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