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Thread: shrinkage

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    Unhappy shrinkage

    I have done 1 cycle of winstrol by itself almost a year and a half ago, and recently i just finished a 2 week cycle of D-Bol in which i toook 10mgs a day (not a heavy cycle). Im happy with my gains and have no regrets as far as that goes, but my sex drive is hurting REALLY bad. I have none! On top of that, im experiencing some major shrinkage, and i find it hard to "get it up" when its time to.

    Is there anything, any method or any supplement you can take to get your natural testosterone goin' again? Also im about to start using primo depot, how does that affect it? Please, somebody help. This sh!t sux.

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    Bro this is the reason clomid is taken post get your natty test levels back. Clomid/HCG /Proviron are all things that can help you get it up again. About the primo that can do the same thing. I suggest you concentrate at getting your sex drive back and in the meantime stick around here and learn/research some more info on gear, before doing another cycle.

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    good advice. 10mgs of dbol a day? why? save your money and buy a cycle buddy. a whole cycle

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