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Thread: dbol + accutane

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    Question dbol + accutane

    a friend of mine just started his dbol only cycle (first timer)
    not sure of the mg (was told but forgot, all he heard was 3 times a day and that was good enough for him, yes he isn't very knowledgable about AS)
    Lil pink pills, pentagon w/ split line down middle on one side with a goofy ass symbol on front (looks like a person peelin a banana, but its not, thats just the only way i can describe it) If u know the mg of these that would be cool to know too


    He isn't stacking b/c its his first time and is still weary
    so he's takin dbol 3 times a day, 5 week cycle

    prone to acne, has been prescribed accutane 20mg/2-3 times daily
    skin cleared up but is now worried b/c he does get some zits in the summer (heat and what not)

    still has 60 - 20mg pills

    i'm not sure how he should take them (if he breaks out) since dbol is hard on your liver and so is accutane

    should he take them (since he has them) just to prevent acne? it gets pretty fierce on him when he get zits

    thanks yall

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    nevermind, nobody wants to help

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    Well first off he shouldn't be doing a dbol only cycle. Secondly several people take Accutane while on and use liver protectants Like Tylers. I wouldn't expect to see any major sides from six weeks on both but again Dbol only is a very bad choice.

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