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Thread: steris

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    Okay bro's bear with me on this.

    I have an acquaintance who who has found himself some test. It is made by steris. It is coming from a friend's girlfriend who works with a doc. I am telling him that I doubt that it is real.

    Does Steris still make test that is available by prescription. I have seen a lot of fake test and most of it had the Steris name on it.

    Is there any chance that it is real? And is there any way to check?

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    As far as I know Steris is not making any testosterones at this time... Damn shame too because they made some kick ass test cypionate ...

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    Probably not real Steris. I believe they are no longer in business.
    If it's from a doctors office and is legit, I would bet on Upjohn. Thats what swings my way anyway.

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    Not real-Steris has not been in biz for about 5 yrs now and if you could find any of their legit gear it would be outdated. I had a guy send me Steris bottle and it's still sitting in my cabinet.

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