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    advice needed, please.

    right guys, i'm going to start on the steroids and i wanted some advice from some people that know about them.

    the only problem is, i used to take pro hormones and i took twice the recommended amount (1000mgs a day) and as a result i got gyno mildly, i've been to the doc and he said that it would fade with time and it has. it was only underneath on nipple and although its dissapeared now its still slighty fatty but looking at me you can't notice.

    so what steroids do you recommend? obviously i would prefer some that don't convert to estrogen and i'd also prefer them in tablet form.

    i've read about deca , i know its an injectable but what are the chances of gyno at 200mgs a week?

    primobolon tabs, will i be able to make good gains with this and keep them?

    any advice anyone can give me would be hugley appreciated.

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    Okay well, the question you ask there is no easy way to answer. First off anything thing you take as far as AS can give you gyno especially if you have a light touch of it. EQ can even cause gyno. Deca can, but I read that only at higher doses, however, I have also heard that that is not always the case. Instead of worrying about what will cause gyno, here is what I would do from one gyno prone person to another. GET YOU SOME ANTI ESTERS. Armidex is the best, next to that Liquidex, and Nolvidex. Keep them with you, on and off your cycle. Research the three see why Armidex is more effective even against deca. I hate to come down on you bro, but IMO you need to do more research before you even consider AS, otherwise you will end of hurting yourself and your body.

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    Welcome to AR Bro. Do you have hard lump or just fat deposits in your chest. If they are hard Im pretty sure only surgery will remove them.

    About the AS: I think you need to study up before you even consider using. Yes, deca can cause gyno and no it does not convert to estrogen. Look around for a while this site will help tons.

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    I have read loads about steroids , but i wanted some real info from people that use steroids or who have used steroids.

    there isn't a hard lump anymore its just slightly fatty deposits, looking at me you wouldn't notice.

    i was thinking about d-bol but then i read that it aromatized easily so i forgot about that one, then i read about primobolon it sounded good but its more of a cutting steroid but would i make any mass gains on it and keep them?

    i read that deca aromatizes at 400-600 mgs and if i decided upon this one i'd use 150-200 mgs. is this a good idea?

    what others would be good for a first time cycle?

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