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    Homemade Fina???

    There is a guy around that can get me some "homemade" Fina, but I don't know. I am very sketchy about this. What do you think? He says he knows two guys that have both done it, and their results were great with very little side effects.

    My other question: I have done a lot of research of what to stack with Fina, but what have you guys seen to be good results? or know of good results?

    Any answers.

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    I would never buy homebrew fina unless I knew the maker very well. Really you don't how sterile the maker kept everything. I would make it myself. cheap and you know the end result is a Sterile product

    Also fina/prop is a good stack

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    I agree with Ron 100% you gotta know the person VERY well if you are gonna put that kinda trust in their hands....and yes, again fina/prop is a great cycle.

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    I have never purchased premade fina. I make my own you know your product is 100% legit and the process is simple and fast. Email me if you want info on where to get everything. you can make it yourself for $100 50ml 80mg/ml

    awesome for strength and will put on a lttile size. I start all my cycles with a base of Test and fina. test Prop my favorite choice

    PM me if you want to know where to get the products or need help doing the experiment.


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