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Thread: PO Boxes

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    PO Boxes

    I've been working out for some time now. I'm ready to start my first cycle. I've got a relible source and I'm ready to order. I'd prefer my spouse not knowing at this point so I've been thinking about getting a PO Box. How safe is that? I've heard differenty stories saying do not have gear delivered to a PO Box. Any comments? Thanks in advance.


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    IMO it is just as good as having it sent to a residence.....if you are using express then it is slightly better to have it shipped to a house rather than a PO box but I know MANY ppl that have done it both ways with no problems.....larger packs should be shipped to a residence as well b/c you will have to pick it up from the counter at the PO and alot of times they will make you sign...whereas at a residence, they will just leave it at your door unless you are in an apartment complex or in an area without much room between houses.

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