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    Exclamation Need help with Deca + Sustanton stack

    I am trying to come up with a stack involving Deca and Sustanton + something to keep water retention down. Also anything else recommended with the cyle? Tired of blowing up and then losing my gains so I figured this might be a solid stack. Really appreciate any wisdom you can kick down.

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    I'm not an expert and I've never done any AS as of yet, but I'm planning on using a Deca /Sust stack also. To keep retention low, there's the obvious (low sodium). The only thing else I can think of is do 200mg Deca and 250mg Sust once a week. Eat a clean diet and shit...GNC has this product that apparently flushes out retained water but who knows.

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    just finishing a deca /sus cycle
    did dbol at 25mgs per day first 5 weeks to jump start cycle
    deca at 400mg per week
    sus(omni-same thing) at 750mg per week at first
    was making great results with low water retension but started getting nipple problems after 7 weeks-i started nolvs and clomid(for anti estrogen purposes) with no results nipples hurt and got worse so it was deca(progestrone) causing it-then deca dick started(instead of easy hard ons like with test it was taking my wife some work) even at 750mg per week of sus. so i dropped deca and upped sus to 1000mg per week to counteract deca dick. within a week nipples got better and no deca dick
    i started cycle at 240 -went to 245- and now at 242. but i lost probably 15lbs of fat and got lean and very muscular-so its aboyt a 15-20lb muscle gain on this cycle which is great for me after all the years of training and cycles
    my advice now to anyone is eq instead of deca
    take sus at 500mg per week and eq at 400mg per week with dbol at begining for 4-5 weeks at 25mg per day and winny at 50mg per day at end for last 4 weeks of cycle extended to 2 week beyond cycle for a total of 6 weeks on winny--then 1 week later go to clomid

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    I like Decca very much. There are those prone to sides but for those of us who are not the gains are nice and solid. Anti-E's will keep water retention low but I think you should spend more time planning your post cycle recovery (Not just clomid) but diet, exercise schedule and rest. So many people spend weeks planning a cycle and never think about recovery and that is where you keep what gains you made.

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    im using proviron on my dbol /deca /sus cycle at 25mg a day. Its not doing much for water retention, maybe at 50mg a day next time.

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