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    Question fina+eq+deca+PROP/SUSP Combo+winny tabs+ anti e's??????

    i had an idea on this but im not sure if it is a bad idea or not, im trying to get big but stay cut at the same time. is this a bad idea>? shoold i bulk first , then cut down afterwarrds? also id this is a good cycle can someone help me figure out how much of each i need if i want to run the cycel 6 weeks. thanks everybody.

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    always my opinion that you should choose one or the other, its too complicated/difficult to do them at the same time. i personally bulk and then cut afterwards...cutting is pointless for me unless im going into a competition or something, im not trying to get women by having abs and a cut chest, im trying to get as big as possible and then worry about symetry and looking cut. just seems like an easier game plan. for your body to gain muscle you need excess calories, so cutting while bulking is basically defeating the purpose, to cut you want a defecit of calories, and to bulk you want excess, its like cancellin each other out, you know? fina, eq, deca , prop/susp + winny is strange and large, hard on liver, kidneys, and progesterone induced gyno, and fina + deca is definately a limp dick, the susp/prop will help but gosh thats a big bombardment on your body, if you wanna bulk run the deca and fina for 10 weeks, fina isn't as toxic as forementioned. if you wanna cut run the eq and winny, but the eq you can pretty much add to either cycle because its good for both cutting and bulking, any more questions shoots away, good luck

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