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    Test Enanthate or Prop

    A few questions...

    1. I just started some enanthate and my friend just came across some really good prop. I am planning to switch to prop for two or three weeks after I am off the enanthate, but he thinks that I should switch to the prop instead of the enanthate for the remaining 8 weeks of my cycle. Would there be any good reason to do this or should I just stick with the enanthate? He thinks that I would get less sides from the prop and better pumps.

    2. How effective is proviron alone as an anti e if one is only on 500mg of test a week??

    3. What should I look for to see if my tt enanthate is legit? It seems a little shady. And, how is ttokkyo's test?
    Thanks in advance...

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    i would stick with the enethate ,then i would switch to the prop,when your off the enethate while waiting to start your clomid.proviron works pretty good as a far as the tt enethate i ddint know they made one i guess it must be pretty new,look for the raised TT on the bottom of the bottle.

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    Bump. I am really interested in knowing also anyone else care to comment?


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    big n is right imho,
    i would run the enanthate and then switch to the prop while waiting to start your clomid. the prop fills the down time while youre waitnig for the enan to clear your system, and will help you retain those gains you worked so hard for.
    proviron is a very effective anti estrogen bro, run at 50mg ed throughout your cycle and you will be fine.
    i dont know about the tt enan, ive got some on order, and it will be my 1st time using it. im sure its a good brand though, lots of other brothers have used it, and swear by it.

    peace bb79

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    Prop for 8 weeks.... You will feel like a pin cusion. That is 56 injections. That is a little too much for me. Stick to the enthanate and then go to prop for the bridge between entha and clomid......

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