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    Can I start bridging with D-bol while still on Clomid?

    One more question before I leave :-)
    I'm currenly in day 3 of 20-day Clomid therapy. Is it OK to start D-bol at 10mg/day as a 'bridge' or should I wait until I'm done with Clomid?


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    I'd say play it by ear.
    start the clomid with no d-bol. Sure your strength will decrease as the juice leaves your system. if the decrease levels off fairly quickly- then cool, i'd skip the d-bol and let your body recover.

    If strength/mass keeps going down for too long, say- 2 weeks- I'd get on the d-bol. Bridge for a few weeks, let the natural test production come back as much as it's going to, then get off the d-bol and see if you've "recovered".

    It's not very scientific- but I guess I'm saying try and recover with just clomid (and l-dex), and just use the d-bol as a fall-back if your body's not recovering fast enough.

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    lush has good points but i would say to do dbol with clomid and beyond.
    dbol AM ONLY for bridge purposes will give your body a am boost to aid in muscle sparing while coming off cycle. dont plan on growing but will maintain a lot better. i would start at 15mgs am and then after a while drop to 10mgs.
    dbol has a half life of about 4 hrs so night time your natural test produces. and dbol works outside the steroid receptors so the body still "cleans out" and receptors dont get saturated by dbol so they will be clean by next cycle

    i will be doing this next week as my cycle ends

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