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    alevok Guest

    confused on winstrol depot

    Ok here is the deal, I read the steroid profiles about winstrol depot and it does not mention that winstrol depot is 17aa, However, it says for winstrol tabs. On the other hand some guys on the board say that winstrol depot is 17aa and damages liver bad. Which is correct?
    One more thing, I have been using winstrol depot 300mg/w for 9 weeks now and I have one more week to go. Do you guys think it is too long for winstrol? Should I have stopped at the week 5?

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    Winstrol is 17aa. 10 weeks is a long time for winn but youll live. Stay well hydrated and pop some liver supps.

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    alevok Guest
    ok bro thanx for the info

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    you must be looking ripped after 9 weeks of winny!

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    Yes it is a 17AA, winny is winny no matter what form you buy or get it in. 17AA is the makeup of winny what makes it winny. Otherwise if you remove the 17AA your body will no longer be able to process it, and it wouldn't be Winstrol . simple as that.

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    alevok Guest
    Yes Im very ripped, my cuts are deep. But I'm concerned about my liver values now. I got milk thistle and artichoke+taraxacum pills, I hope they cure my liver. Do you guys know any other stuff that is good for liver?

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    Tylers liver detox and ALA are good.

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    hey alevoc both forms of winny are 17 alk.asf ar for staying thqt long on on winny ,your ok.the dose isnt all that high,it kinda falls in the same category as with people thinking over exagerating(sp)the hypertoxicity of fina ,the same with winny .just load up on the milk thistle ,ala.tylers and etc.youl be good ,your liver has the ability to detox its self real; quick .and for the person asking him if hes ripped by now just check out his pics.peace!

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    for the most part liver values and toxicity for 17aas are very overated. they did studies on peopel using steroids and people not using orals and they found that the values were nearly identical and actually in some cases people not taking them had higher values, their conclusion was that training itself increases the values. nonetheless, a little protection wouldn't hurt, not like you get 2 livers. and the reason that winny is oral and injectable is because it is mainly a vet steroid , sometimes its hard to get the pig from green acres, or ren and stimpy to eat a pill...injections on animals is usually a easier/more accepted method of administration...good luck

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    man i would like to see you before and after pictures because im thinking of using a winny only cycle for 9 week to. it would be cool to see you results

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    alevok Guest
    Thanx to all, great info you provided I feel better now, new pics will be posted soon.

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