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Thread: Deca QV 300

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    Deca QV 300

    Batch # QVD-3-001, with August 2002 expiration and NO hologram is the real deal. The Quality-Vet company has sent me an e-mail stating that that batch was one of the first produced for that product and DID NOT have the hologram on the bottle. They did say all batches should have the hologram. Hope this is helpful.

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    i heard that previous batches have no holo so i
    think they r good to go bro...

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    Yeah you're both right the early batches did not have holograms and Rich8888 that was the first batch (oo1). They are now up to batch 004 and they have the holograms. It shouldn't be much longer before all old (first) batches are exhausted and all 'should' have the holograms. Hope this helps too-

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