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Thread: Using Anti's??

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    HELP with Anti's

    THis is my first cycle:

    300mg deca 10 weeks
    400mg Test-Enanthate 10 weeks
    clomid post

    What would be the proper amount of clomid to take after my cycle.. i have a chart of when to start i just dont know of what doses!!

    Also during the cycle what would be the best Anti? Proviron and Nolvadex together and at what doses.... or should i just take one or the other...doses?

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    looks good bro .3 weeks after last hit take 300mg clomid ist day then 100 for 10 days and then 50 for ten days ,your anties hold on to them use them only when symptoms start to occure ,i like proviron better that my opinino though cause it doesnt hinder gains.hopes this helps ya.have fun growin!

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    Big N is correct on the dosages for clomid!

    IMO...if you want to run an anti-e throughout the cycle then go with some arimidex or liquidex. Run it at .25mg (1/4 tab) ED & if you still bloat then up it to .5mg ED (1/2 tab). Keep nolvadex on hand in case the Test gives you symptoms of gyno, but running arimidex throughout that cycle should be good enough. (ALWAYS have nolvadex on hand )

    Just remember that the arimidex or nolvadex will do NOTHING if your gyno is induced by the Deca .

    Hope this helps!

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    Unless you are particularly worried about bloat I don't think you will necessarily need an anti-e. You can probably get away with just having Nolva on hand although Az is right if you are going to run one from the start use Arimedex. Clomid as mentioned above.

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