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    Arrow Experienced d-bol users help needed!

    I am thinking of adding d-bol to my sust./EQ cycle. Reason being is to "jumpstart" my cycle because I am using sust. I have never used orals before because I was scared to burn up my liver and I have little knowledge about them. My friend said he could get me some pink d-bols for 1 dollar a piece. Is that about what they cost and if so what kind are pink and what mg's are they? What is the preferred intake of d-bol a day and still be "liver friendly." And lastly can u get permanent liver damage using them for only 4 weeks at the recommended dosage. Any input would be helpful!!

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    if you are talking about the pink thais... 5mg little pink hexagon 1 dollar each you are getting RAPED... however, they are AWESOME... IMO, but i would NEVER pay that amount.... why? I used 40mg ED for 28days on my last cycle ... this equals 28*8 pills = 224pill ... gosh if i had paid $224 for that i would have killed myself.
    If you want to protect you liver look up milk thistle and ALA
    peace buddy

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    $1 a pill is basic gym prices.... so unless you have a source all your own that's what you can expect to pay.... I have paid $1 a tab in the past before i knew better.... You should notice very quick gains with the thai d-bol.... they seem to give me more water retention then the russian d-bol, but they do seem to help you gain more weight in the same amount of time.... Some will be water weight, but the kick in the ass you get from d-bol is well worth a little bloat.... You should see no permanet damage to your liver from a very mild dose for 4 to 6 weeks.... First time around all you'll need is 25mg to 30mg a day....

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    These bros hit the nail on the head!

    Like they said make sure you run some ALA while you are on Dbols. I'd recommend at LEAST 1g a day of ALA and you should be fine!

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    Originally posted by Medicine Man

    If you want to protect you liver look up milk thistle and ALA
    peace buddy.
    ALA=alpha lipoic acid.

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