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    drug tested by ncaa first day of camp, HELP

    rumor slip that our school is being drug tested, i took 20 shots of tren . i read on AR that its only detected 4-5 weeks, but on every other web page its 4-5 months. i need to know if i need to fine a way to pass it or if im in the clear. thanks men

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    Be safe and find a way to pass it. Better to be safe than sorry and not play for the season. Also, eveyone is different, therefore, it may stay in your system 3 weeks or a few months.

    I will send you some powder piss and you can tape it to your inner thigh. Then put it in the cup and add toliet water...BAM!!! Passed the piss test.


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    hi there are several different solutions to passing a drug test. first of all u need to find a place that sells detox stuff. the first thing u can buy is a drink u drink it for 2 days and follow the diet it gives u and u are clean forever. this cost about 80 dollars. but i dont know the name of it. secondally there is a thing called the urinator. this is a little strap on device with powder piss u mix before u take the test. whats good about this is it keeps the piss at body temp so u pass the ph balance test. the urinator cost about 90 dollars so i would go with this. whatever u do i wish u luck.

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    They wont test everyone, but you better be safe then sorry. Only 6 guys got tested on are team in the spring.

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