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    Arimidex, Accutane with my next cycle?

    OK here is what my next cycle is going to be.

    weeks 1- 5 Dbol 50mg ED
    weeks 1-10 EQ 400mg a week
    weeks 1-10 Test Cyp. 500mg a week
    weeks 7-13 Winni 50mg tabs ED

    Now my question is first Arimidex is it good to add to my cycle? Should i take 1/2 or one tab a day there 25mg each? And is it wise since i'm running so much test i don't want it to convert into estroagens.

    And Accutane? Right now from my dbol/sus cycle i started getting acne on my back and chest, not a whole lot but enough. There all clearing up but still should i take Accutane as well? And how should i take it?

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    bro, you dont need accutane if you just getting blemishes unless you are ready to deal with all the side effects, wait it out and try for doxycycline instead, if not use the accutane, make it your last resort, it hurts my back like hell

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