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    need a good cutting cycle

    this would be my first cutting cycle 6'1 250 18%bf would like to get to about 12 or 14%bf I was going to do a fina winny cycle and i would like someones opion on what fat loss drug i should use not looking for something a harsh as DNP but somthing good

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    The original jason Guest
    whats your cycle history? experience? I would suggest to look into something like a test/equipose/winnie/T3/clen /armidex cycle or something like that , if you want more details let me know id be happy to write one up hit me back with your experience the other thing I should not is loss of bf doesnt come from chemicals just hard word and diet! although some of them might help you on your way!


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    ive done the sust deca thing first cycle but had good gains with a test prop test cyp d bol cycle but i kept a lot of fat and now i want to get stronger but burn bf to. and thats why i thought of the fina.

    also I've got a friend and he wants to do a fina only cycle and it would be his first cycle would you recemomd that.what should he start with

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    No fina by itself, fina and prop is REAL GOOD. Throw in some winny clen and t3 you will be a fat burning machine, lol.

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