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    how would alpha lipoic acid and magnesium pills help me wiht my cycle...i am on sus 250 and eq??? and i think i have gyno ..can i deal with it after this cycle or could it get worse..and both if you can..thank you

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    ALA I believe is to help your liver out. And if your taking things like DBol or Winny, then it's a must. I'm not too sure about sus250 though. Don't think it's required.

    If you have gyno, then you SHOULD HAVE Nolvadex on hand!!! Did you just buy the gear without any Nolva? That's a big no no! And no, don't wait till after the cycle to deal with it. You should take care of this asap, it can become worse! Why don't u have Nolva? If you do, then take it, start with 40mg first day, then take 20mg a day until it goes away. If you don't have it, try to get some.

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    hard to make gyno go away, should have read up more and had some adex or nolva on hand...good luck

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    how far into your cycle are you? take the nolvadex now if you can and get some arimidex /liquidex for the remainder of your cycle if you have quite a few weeks left.

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    Get some nolvadex should have done more research before starting. If gyno is already there then yes you can deal with after your going to a surgeon and having it cut out. Once it's there, it's staying there. Good luck.

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