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    New ** Clen = .2mg - How to take???

    I posted this in the 30+ forum and thought I might get a quicker answer here...

    I recently got 0.2 mg clen tabs from **. It is my understanding that clen typically comes in .02 mg tabs. This means that the clen I have is 10 times stronger than normal. Yesterday I took one tab - heart pounding, slight tremor, warmth. The sides were a bit too extreme for me so today I decided to split the dose into two .1mg parts. I took the first at 7a and the second around 10a. The sides are significantly less and I'm thinking about taking another half.

    What's the best way to approach using the .2 mg clen?

    What should be the maximum dosage I should take daily with clen that is .2 mg?


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    if this is the superclen which i am pretty sure it is you can break it into 4 doses, 1 dose, 2 doses, how ever much you want, doesn't really matter whichever gets the best feelings/results for you. if you like it before cardio, training, sleep, whatever. this particular clen has ketotifen in it, keeps your receptors from downregulating. this chemical actually makes the surface produce more receptors making it more effective and keeps you from the 2 on 2 off bullshit. personally i take 1 half before cardio and then 1 half before bed b/c the keto makes me tired, good luck

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