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    Question Instructions needed for Primobolan Depot

    i took advantage of an oppurtunity and bought 20x100mg amps of Primobolan Depot at a killer price from a trusted source (10$ an amp)
    I got the cycle information off the "cycles for the novice" on the home page, but it kinda confused me. They are 100 mg ampules, how should i take them and how often? Like, what time of day would be ideal, how many times a week...and should i purchase clomid for post-cycle? I know ferom past experience that my natty test levels take their time in recovery, so is clomid the right choice? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks.

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    IMO you should pick up 20 more amps. Run the primo @ 400mg/week x 10 weeks (shoot an amp eod). Clomid one week after last shot @ 300mg/day 1, 100mg/day x next 10 days, 50mg/day x next 10 days.

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    Might as well get some Test in there too, if your gonna do it might as well do it right:-). Maybe some Winny as well. Something like this, though I don't know your stats your going to do it anyway:

    Primo 400mg's a week 1-10
    Sust/Enth/Cyp 500mg's a week 1-8 (Split injections on Sunday/Wednesday)
    Winny 50mg/ED weeks 6-11

    I'd personally add a few more amps of Primo and extend the cycle 2 weeks but thats just me.


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    In a cage near you...
    You've only got enough primo to use as a bridge...

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    Thanks guys....
    i dont really want to get into test, im not aiming for size as much as i just want to harden muscle and cut it up. Ive heard great things about Equipoise though, how well would that go with primo? if you could give me the stats about it, that would be cool too.
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