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    what do you guys think...

    I have put together a cycle for me, please tell me what you guys think?
    My stats are : 6'2" 210lbs, 17-20% bodyfat, lookin to get cut.

    Weeks 1-5 Test. Prop. @100mg EOD
    Weeks 2-7 Sust. 250 @ 500mg (had some left over from last cycle)
    Weeks 6-11 Fina @ 75mg ED

    what does everyone think.. im mainly lookin to get cut up and lean built, dont wanna be huge and full of water.. what does everyone think.. any thoughts or comments most appreciated!!

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    seems kinda strange, the fina/prop combo is nice, but if you wanna be lean dont use sust, most generally observed is water weight, i know you'll get at least a moderate ammount, even at 500mg a week. which seems kinda useless anyways just cause you have some left ofter, you'd be better off running 250 for 10 weeks, but im also a fan of longer/lower cycles...imo id take out the sust and add some eq or winny...but the cycle isn't horrible i just dont think you will get the maximum 'bang for your buck'...good luck

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    anyone else..... so substitute the Sust 250. for either Winny or Equipose... which one would be a better choice, lookin to get a nice lean ripped look!!
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    I'm not a huge fan of test simply for the fact that I'm very prone to G. Fina/EQ/Winny and screw the test....Take proviron at 50mg ed for 'fina cock' (fina dick is so overplayed).

    Wk1-10: EQ 400mg ew
    Wk1-6: Tren 40-50mg ed
    Wk6-12: Win 25-50mg ed

    nolva even tho u wont need it. clomid starts 3 days after last winny shot/pill. 300mg day 1/ 100mg 10 days/ 50mg 10 days

    good luck

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