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    Synovex Questions Need Help?????????

    For those of you who are familiar with Synovex, which is the best to take S, H, or TH?
    Can I take it orally and if so how (6'2 200lbs)?
    What are the sides (does it convert to estro)?
    How efficient with strength and gains?
    Where can I find a conversion kit?
    How long to take?

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    Go to and do some research. DO NOT go on that board and post the questions you just did or they will eat you for lunch. RESEARCH.

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    send me your email addy via PM. io have a form letter for synovex and fina.

    I ran synovex and never will. it is not worth it. Myself and others have experienced gyno sypmtoms from it.The estradiol is NOT completely removed. there are lots of cheap options for Test also like QV 50ml test Enan bottle


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