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    600 mg's brovell deca?

    Just finishing up a 8 week cycle of 400 mgs deca and 500 mgs sustanon . Got great results, but dont want to stop yet. Would it be ok to up my doses of deca to 600mgs a week for another 4 more weeks? And what would be my best choice, ttokkyo 300, or brovell, or tornell 200. I have read good and bad posts about all of them and still find a mixed consensus. They are all about the same price so that is not a concern. Thanks a lot.

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    If I was you I would run the decca to week ten and then run a prop through week 13. I have used TT with Ok results never tried the other two.

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    i wouldnt run tahe deca no more ,considering deca really putts a hurting on the hpta ,u got good resaults so far .dont get gready .TT is defiantely better then brovel.i would jsut run the prop for 3 weeks and start your clomid right after.

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    i agree with big n, take a break and prepare for your next cycle.

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    take a break cuz!

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