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Thread: Check this out

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    Check this out

    Hey Fellas, I need your help. I was going to do the following cycle:

    750mg Sust/week Weeks 1-10
    400mg Deca /week Weeks 1-10
    40mg Dbol /Day Weeks 1-4

    I'm 5'9" 180lbs about 13% bf and I have not used in 4 years. This will be the biggest cycle I've ever done. My question is does the above cycle sound like too much? I actually thought about just doing the Sust at 750mgs/week for ten weeks. Will I even notice that much of a difference with the Deca and dbol since I am a relative novice? What do you guys think? Run it all or just the Sust?

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    the cycle looks good keep everything but lower the test to 500 mg wk since you are a "relative novice"
    i assume you know about anti-es and clomid right?

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    Yeah 4Plates, I am going to run Liquidex the entire cycle through the clomid I have. I'll bump the sust down. Thanks man. Any other suggestions would be welcome

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