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Thread: suggestions?

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    Exclamation suggestions?

    I am having trouble staying motivated to go to the gym on my "off time". I started saying I was taking a 2 week break, but now I don't want to start till my next cycle. I am trying to curve my mental dependance, so does anyone have anything they keep in their head when they face the same situations? Thanks guys (and ladys).
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    south jersey

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    Think of it this way, The more time you spend away from the gym, the faster your results go away.

    Doing cycles takes alot of planning and dedication and you should develop a good work ethic about working out before you start jucing.

    just my two cents

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    Well put Buddha_Red


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    Clen might help to motivate you.

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    Try not to be one of "those guys" you know the guys I'm talking about.
    They join the gym in late spring so they look good for the summer then take a little 4-6 week cycle because they don't want to spend too much money on gear ( but they'll spend $100 at the bar or club on friday and saturday night) Then when they're done you don't see them til next summer and most off the time they look worse than they did the year before. DON'T DO THAT!!!!
    You're better than that you're not going to waste all your hard earned money, or the hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears spent in the gym just because you don't feel like going to the gym. Your more disiplined than that your going to stick to your plans and proceed to make gains then go on with your next cycle.
    Try what ever you have to ECAs', creatine, just get back to the gym and look at the big picture.


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    i dont know what i'd do if i couldnt go to the gym. dont get me wrong, there were and still are times i dont want to, but i go anyway. i feel im losing ground if i dont go, and if im coming off a cycle, im all the more motivated to keep the gains i spent so much time(and hard earned cash) to build.
    tell yourself this isnt a lifestyle bro, its a life........period.

    peace bb79

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