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    Question will this eq/ test/ d-bol stack be ok?

    I plan on doing this cycle once my i round up some more doe for my gear. Does the Eq come 200mg per cc?

    weeks 1-4 D-bol 25/mg Ed
    weeks 1-10 Test Cypionate 400mg/wk
    weeks 1-9 Equipoise 400mg/wk
    weeks 13-16 clomid therapy

    * What kind of gains could i expect from this cycle, Im 6'0, 185 lbs

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    south jersey
    Whats your height weight past experince and your goals give us an idea so we can help you.
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    Gains are up to you, depends on metabolism, rest, diet, and training.

    On the cycle, if you are stopping the EQ at wk9 and the cyp. at wk10, you want to start clomid 2wks after the test.
    Layed out like this

    1-4 dbol 25mg
    1-9 EQ 400mg
    1-10 Cyp. 400mg
    12-15 clomid 300/100/50 split

    Clomid-Three wks after EQ, 2wks after Cyp.

    It would be better to run the EQ to 10 and the Cyp. to 11 but thats your call.
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    why only weeks 1-9 and not to week 10 for the eq??

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    cycle looks pretty good. If it were me I would run the d-bol 30mg/day, and the EQ to wk 10. You can get EQ in from TT, QV, etc, but there are alot of 50mg/ml eq out there! Good luck!

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    Originally posted by Billmister
    why only weeks 1-9 and not to week 10 for the eq??
    bcause it takes 3weeks for eq to metabolize out of your system and 2 weeks for test.

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