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Thread: sust. 250

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    sust. 250

    here it is. im 6ft 180lbs i droped 10 pounds trying to get leaned out for summer . wnet from a 10% bf to a 6%bf which is where I am still at.
    anyway-I was planning on doing an eight week cycle of sus 250 @ 250mg per week to hopefully push me over my plateau! and tonight when I was doin a search on sust someone said that if you wanna stay lean and cut then you should stay away from sust??? I tried searching but I couldnt find much more on stayin lean while on sust. is it because of the water retention? I know that 250mg a week isnt alot or maybe not enough but thats what I got and hopefully I will see somethin from it.
    I am not sure if I want to still take the stuff if I am gunna lose the abs and the cut look. I worked hard for that. but I really need to get over this RUT!!!!!
    any help would be appreciated!!!! thanx !!!!!

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    i feel that as long as your diet is clean and u eat right, exercise, etc. you can increase your overall lean mass and drop b/f at the same time. i am 2 weeks into dbol /enth/EQ cycle and im runnin liquidex at .5mg/day and im luvin it so far. my workouts are incredible and im actually seeing more of my abs than i ever saw before. cardio sould be low intensity first thing in the morning or medium intensity right be4 your next meal. i like uphill t-mill work, works wonders. i feel you on the hard work for cutting. my suggestion is bump the sust. to 500mg/week possibly throw some winny or eq, winny to harden and cut. eq to harden and become vascular and eat right, u should end up much more cut than u started. make sure u get liquidex tho, otherwise u might bloat and itll suck. u dont wanna skimp on cycles, each cycle u do makes it harder and harder for it to work with smaller dosages. dont waste yer potential. good luck hope this helps

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    You would be happier with 500mg a week, say injecting 250 on monday and 250 on thursday. And do that for 8-10 weeks. Don't forget clomid. If you take arimidex .25mg every day, that will help with the water retention. And Don't forget to start clomid 3 weeks after last injection.

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