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    Winstol 50mg tabs?? Feedback

    I just bought some winstrol 50 mg tabs... does anyone know anything about them? i got them from a guy, and they were unlabled... Please give me some feedback... Thanks.

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    ive persnonally never used tehm but i hear taht they work pretty good split them in half in he morn and half in tha nught time .

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    Winny orals have a half life of about 12-16 hours. Therefore break up the pill in half am/pm dosage and if possible grind if up and place powdery under tongue and let sit for 10-20 minutes then swallow remains with tall glass of h20. Don't know for sure if the compund will be absorbed sublingually but given the price of these buggers it does not hurt to try and maximize uptake. I took 10mg winnys at 5/day over two months....I really miss them but need to give my internal organs a break.

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