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    Question Anyone know why ** Deca hurts so bad

    I just bought some ** Deca , and it hurts like all takes like a week for me to be back to normal again... someone told me to put it under hot running water... any suggestions? :

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    not enough info. how much are you using? were do you inject? what size pin? if done right deca should not hurt that much.

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    Yes, try putting it in some hot water to thin it out a bit. But im not sure that has anything to do with the pain?? Try, after shot go in the shower. Let the hot water run on it for a few minutes. Then take the soap and massage ur legs ( not ur pecker ) to move the oil around. Works for me. Hope this helps?

    Ohh, i hope ur not just doing deca ??


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    Bingo Sus!

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    Yeah, But for a whole week? I have never know anyone to complaing about pain from deca . Are you sure your shit is legit? And like the bouncer said, what size pin do you use?

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    Originally posted by Biznatch
    Yeah, But for a whole week? I have never know anyone to complaing about pain from deca. Are you sure your shit is legit? And like the bouncer said, what size pin do you use?
    No kidding. Deca hurting? Man must be some real dirty chit, or fake? I mean I am not deca expert especially **'s products... sounds like the same kinda chit I had with sustanon not to long ago.

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    I use a 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle in my quad have had no pain at all. It's Norma Deca . Just a tiny amount of soreness for a couple days. And I mean TINY.

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    before i make a mistake, is ** gear shit? Honest opinions.

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    I've never had pain like that from **deca300 just a little soreness.
    I got good results from his CYP, and Deca so I don't have anything bad to say about his gear.. What size pin are you using?? How much in the shot?? Where are you injecting?? When I did quad, and delt shots with it It hurt a little more then in the glutes.. You might want to post a pic on here to find out if you got legit gear bro. Put it in hot water (not boiling), massage the area after you inject in a hot shower.
    Damn in pain for a week from deca!!
    Good Luck

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    I'm experiencing a lot of pain from his cyp at the moment but here is something that might help.I beleive it came from animal.

    Words of advise from Animal

    If you are ordering oils such as fina and eq that are either homemade, ** made, or some other underground manufacturer you should follow steps to ensure a clean sterile injection. Below is the following steps I have outlined in order to sterilize your product for a safe injection.

    note: this also evaporates some of the BA so that the shot will be less painful. I acheive a totally painless injection with fina this way.

    Microwave Sterilization
    This is the easiest method to use and fastest.


    step 2 - Nothing should be covering the top of the vial. Take the seal and the stopper off the top of the vial to where the oil is totally exposed. You can do this with a pair of pliers or some instrument that can pry the lid off. The seal will pry off pretty easily. I use a tool that is on my pocket knife. It resembles a can opener.

    step 3 - Place the vial in the microwave. Make sure there is nothing covering the opening of the vial. Put the microwave on 20 seconds and hit start. After it is through let sit for about 5 minutes and then repeat 2 more times.

    step 4 - After the 3rd time immediately take the vial out of the microwave. You may need mittens because it WILL be hot. At this point you should preload all your syringes while the liquid is still hot. This is my preferred method because it keeps everything sterile. Make sure to use 2 needles per syringe. 1 should be used to draw up the fluid. The other should be a clean one that will be injected in your ass. The top of the second one should NOT BE REMOVED until the time of injection. This ensures total sterility. If you do not want to preload your syringes then youw ill need to put the rubber stopper back on the syringe. Before you do that though plop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds on a paper towl or plate. Immediately take the stopper out and put it on the vial using the napkin to pick it up with. This is a pain in the ass though when the time comes to draw up the fluid. Not only do you expose the oil once again when you take the seal off but you risk spilling the oil all over the place. It is just easier to preload all the syringes when the oil is still hot and sterile. Then you dont have to mess with it at a later date and you can just inject

    NOTE: I will be developing oil products soon. I will be using these same techniques to sterilize the oils I will be selling. The vials will be professionally sealed and will be ready to withdraw the fluid without first sterilizing.

    This takes some time cause you have to bring the water to a boil and then put the vial in there. If you do not want to expose the oil because you will not be preloading then I would use this method or the bake method.

    step 1 - Stick a needle from a syringe through the rubber top of the vial so that it is sticking through it by about a half an inch. The purpose of this is to allow the BA to evaporate out of the vial. If it does not then the vial WILL EXPLODE.

    step 2 - Place the vial in a small pot. Fill the water level up to about a half an inch below the top of the vial. Turn on the stovetop to about medium high. You can even do high. (I do) Wait till the water starts boiling before you start counting down the minutes. Let the vial sit in the water for 15 minutes then remove. (the vial may move around in the water as the bubbles will push it around but it will not fall over)

    step 3 - Sit the vial on a paper towl or other surface that can soak of any water. Take the needle out of the top of the vial before it cools. If you let it cool the needle will most likely get stuck there. It is actually smart to leave it in there though. This way you can just put the syringe on needle and draw up the fluid as you go. But if you do this make sure to put another syringe on there when you are through with filling the other one. If you dont you are leaving a small hole open to let bacteria get in. That is it for the boil method. You can preload the syringes if you like after you take the vial out. Beware though. It is a pain in the ass to attempt to preload the syringes with the top on there and the liquid is still hot cause you will have to turn it upside down to get the last bit of liquid in the syringes. That vial is very hot!

    Bake Method
    Bakind is pretty much the same procedure as the boil method. Just place the vial in a pan and put a needle in the top. Bake 15 minutes on 250 degrees. Wait about 10-15 min and repeat 2 more times.

    I hope this helps some of you guys that may be weary about ordering ** gear and other vet products. All oils CAN be heat sterilized. If you take the correct procedures you will have IMO human grade products after you heat sterilize the product. Besides....test prop is test prop after all. It doesnt matter if a pharmaceutical company produces it or **. As long as the dosages are correct it works the same way in your body. The only difference is human grade is sterile shipped to you and ** is not always sterile. It is just smart to heat sterilize it. For the money you cannot beat private lab made gear, and if proper sterilization processes are use it is the same thing as human grade.

    If your oil is shipped to you in a plastic container of some sort you cannot obviously put this in boiling water or the oven. You can however put this in the microwave for 20 seconds. If it is in a plastic container you must let the product totally cool though before reheating it 2 more times in the microwave or you risk the plastic vial melting.

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    Originally posted by enrage
    cause **'s injectable solutions are nothing more than liquid drano.

    Well, if it is liquid drano then i'm going to the store and buying some....drano is much cheaper. his shit works....i'm up 25lbs in 4 weeks.


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