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    New kind of supplement

    I have been on this board for a while now, and it dawned on me just now that I have been training harder and eating cleaner since I started taking an active part, reading and posting. Even though I am not on a cycle yet, I am seeing better gains naturally because I am doing other things right. Its nice to have other poeple going throught the same stuff, watching what we eat, when we eat it, get enought rest, take the vitamins and supps when we are supposed to, do the cardio..... all of it. I work with people everyday who don't give a shit about any of that. Its nice to be around people who do, ya know? It makes a difference.

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    Motivation is the best supplementation when u know u are doing everything right and reach your pleateau, or if u are growing, you feel better.
    better yet, get a training partner who knows and loves what the hell he is doing.

    keep up the good work and good luck

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