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    Dbol and Keeping Gains

    Hey Bros - I have read several threads that say that Dbol gains are mostly water and practally all of it is lost post cycle even if you use your Clomid post cycle. Is this true ?

    My cycle is: weeks 1-4 30mg Dbol
    1-10 500mg Test\Cyp
    1-10 400 mg Deca

    HCG , Clomid and Novaldex on hand.

    I know that it will jump start me as far as strength goes, but it seems kind useless to me if it fades away.

    Set me straight Bros - Thanks

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    Yes, Dbol gains do tend to be mostly water, which may explain the explosive strength gains people report.

    I do not feel that using Dbol to "kickstart" your cycle is useless. The reason being is that once you come off Dbol, using your stack as an example, the cyp/deca should be kicking in at that time. IMO this helps maintain the gains that you put on with the Dbol and also gives your body a longer period of time to get used to the weight that has been put on.

    There is no scientific proof in what was stated above, it is solely my opinion based on experiences that I have had and seen with this combination.

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    like he said the dbol kickstarts everything ,the other two substances are long acting esters,it take three weeks to kick in,the dbol youl be feeling in a week or so,if u were to run dbol solo ,u would maybe keep 50% of gains,as most of it is water,but while using it with other gear it really helps it out ,u maintain alot more of someone said earlyer they dont call it the breakfast of champions for nothing.

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