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    Lightbulb Oral/Transdermal cycle


    Requests for oral only cycles come from AS beginners afraid of needles, and usually advice is to add an injectable.
    However with the arrival of transdermal 1-test, there is the possibility of stacking it with oral steroids , and avoid needles.

    What could be a suitable oral to stack with 1-test transdermal? Anyone has used this kind of stack?

    This thread is intended to start a discussion on the subject, not to end up in flames.

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    Oral steriods are hard on the liver and do not give results most want from juice.

    You can run a cycle of Fina using DSMO transdermal and get some good results but not as good as injections. Winny can be taken orally, Dbol and a few others.

    If you just cannot make yourself inject you need to do ALOT of research on the orals as they will hurt you in the long run if you dont know what you are doing.

    I feel ya when you talk about needle worries, i havent done one yet but i have been reading,studying and researching injection info and im about to start one.

    Look into fina transdermal, and leave the over the counter sprays and pills alone. most are just sides in a bottle.

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