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    Insulin Please Help

    HELLO GUYS I HAVE A SMALL BIG PROBLEM ABOUT INSULIN IN INDIA THERE ARE NO HUMILIN R OR HUMLOG THE BRAND NAMES AVALIBLE ARE HUMINSULIN-R[human monocomponent regular insulin 40 iu per ml] OF ELI LILLY [rambex]ILETIN -R [highly purified boine porcine insulin 40 iu per ml]ELI LILLY AND HUMAN ACTRAPIO [neautral human monocomponent 100 iu per ml] my questern is which of this are simular to humulin - R OR HUMLOG

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    you can get all kinds of anabolic steroids in india why bother and put yourself through danger by taking slin then again if you are obsesed with slin go to a local pharmacy ask the pharmacist which one is the fastest acting slin then that will be the equivalent of humalog or hum r just make sure u ask for the strength in every ml

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    HUMAN ACTRAPIO = Hum-R i beleive, but check further as i am only about 60% sure on that one. See if you can look at insert, in pac, that will tell you active times R peaks at 2-4H about, and log 1-2H so whichever one you have mention above does that you know what ot pick

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