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    Gyno while using Liquidex

    This question is not for me, but for my buddy. He is currently on 600mg/test enth/week and 30mg/dbol /day with .5mg/liquidex ed. Hes complained of his nipples hurting and stuff since day 1 but he has obsessive compulsive disorder, so i figured it was more of a mental gyno than anything. Tonight however, he told me he felt a little pellet under his right nip, and his g/f said she felt it as well. (i havent felt it yet, nor will i, lol) I was under the impression that liquidex was one of the most powerful anti-e out which is y he and myself chose it as the anti-e we'd use. I am also taking test/eq/and dbols and am experiencing nothing so far (knock on wood) what else could he take to stop this seeing that it is about 99% sure its a gyno prob. i know nolvadex is a choice but ive heard that it wasnt that effective. I believe i can get letrozole as well. any suggestions? id hate to see the kid undergo a 3000 surgery because i told him not to worry. i know it aint my responsibility to tell him what to do, but he learns everything from me that i get from here so i take somewhat of a responsibility of what happens and what he takes. any help would be appreciated. Peace


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    I know several people that use nolvadex only and they say it works every time for them. Sorry I can't help anymore than this, because I personally never had a problem with gyno.

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    Some people get gyno no matter what. Tell him to up the dose of ldex to 1ml till the symptoms go away. Or if he has some nolva he can use them both together

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