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    Kahuna's cycle update

    What's up all? I'm at the end of my forth week and starting to see the effects on the current AS being used. Taking .5mg liquidex to keep water bloat to a minimum. Diet has been semi clean with more emphesis on high quality protein. Beginning body weight was 186lbs now 190lbs as of fridays weigh in. Only 4lbs right, but absolutly no bloat. All the gear from a friendly vet store and farmacia in TJ. Here it is.

    T400 400mg 1-10 weeks
    TT EQ 400mg 1-10 weeks
    TT wini 30mg 9-13 weeks
    Liquidex .5 daily 1-15 weeks
    Clomid post cycle 13-15 weeks
    Nolavex on hand

    Will keep updating.

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    congrats on the gains,bro sounds like your enjoying them
    keep us updated ok?

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    I'm with 4plates, make sure you keep us updated....and welcome to our humble aboad.

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    good start for 4th. week bro .eat man eat good luck!!!!!!!

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