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Thread: Too Much?

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    Too Much?

    My present cycle is my third cycle i have done. My stats are 5'9" 195 (already up 15lbs. in 3 weeks! ) b/f prob. around 12. My 2 previous cycles were
    1. Deca /Dbols 10weeks
    2. Aratest/Dbol /Winny 16 weeks
    Present Cycle
    3. Test Enth 600mg/week 1-12
    EQ 200mg/week 2-15 (lower doses for longer periods-maybe longer)
    Dbol 50mg/day weeks 1-4 1/2
    Liquidex .5mg/day weeks 1-13
    Clomid Post Cycle/ALA/Milk Thistle/Cranberry Juice etc.

    Now enough with my stats and history, here's my question...
    I am going to make 20ml of Fina @ 100mg/ml, which i will run eod for 5-6 weeks, and am getting my hands on 50 50mg winny tablets to stack with the fina. i know that EQ is in yer system for 3 weeks after so i will time the fina/winny accordingly. My question is, is this too much for a 3rd cycle? I mean some of the cycles i see here make this one look like a deca only cycle, but i feel as if this might be too much for me? I am a believer already that longer cycles are more permanent because it gives yer body more time to adjust to the weight gain/loss which is why my last one was 16 weeks, which, by the way, worked great since i lost no muscle mass, just fat and water since. My goal is obviously to put on as much mass as possible, while keeping my diet extra clean and in hopes with the fina and winny, to solidify those gains to maintain until my following cycle. Hope i included enough info to help those who reply. I have no problem taking these compounds, i just want to make sure its not going overboard for a 3rd cycle. Thanx in advance for the advice. Peace


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    No bro IMO it is not too much and having the eq in your system while hitting the tren and winny will be very sure to keep a close eye on your bp though as eq winny and tren even alone are known to elevate it.....hawthorne berry extract and garlic and you should be set.

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