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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    I have gotten a shit load of Testoviron , Deca , insulin and winstrol tabs..... Can anyone help me out with a 10-12 week cycle. Also what kind of results can i expect

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    Well if you are asking us to put a cycle together for you.....completely disregard the insulin . As you should know by now results will vary from individual to individual so that is impossible to say. With that said, can you provide some background info/cycle history/training history etc....that does make a difference in making a suggestion.

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    this is something i will never understand.

    bros buy gear then want someone else to put something together for them. i would think it would work just the opposite way: put something together then post to see how feasible it looks and then buy.
    kizer is right, you gave no pertinent info on yourself, we need that to make a call that at least leads you in the right direction.
    is this your 1st cycle bro? why the slin? i agree with him there as well, disregard that stuff for now, especially if youve got no idea how to use it.
    im not flaming you bro, but this kind of stuff never ceases to amaze me. maybe its me, i could be way off here..............

    peace bb79

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    considering your not a virgin .
    1-8 500 testoviron
    1-8 400 deca
    7-11 50 mg winn ed just a example without knowing the vitals like kizer said.

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