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Thread: Naps kicking in

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    Naps kicking in

    Hey guys, How long does it take for the Nap Dbols to kick in for everybody. I am done one week. weight is up 6 lbs solid. No water or at least a little. I am also only taking 30mgs. about to bump it up to 40mgs.

    How long until evrybody else feel the naps kick in compared to the Thais or Russians?

    6 pounds good? I am 5'10, 204pre, 210 right now. also week and a half into 600mg of **sus300. I cant wait for that shit to kick in.

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    there all the same pretty much as far as kick in time week week and a half it s on

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    For me the naps started working after 3-4 days. I was in full swing by 7 days.

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