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    Question end cycle clomid w/ oxandrolone

    hey, im on the last week of my cycle and am finishing it off w/ reforvit b (last week only) and oxandrolone
    (last 3 weeks) ive gotten great results on the whole cycle. Ill be starting clomid on the last day, my ?
    is can i stay on oxandrolone while on my clomid therapy??? is this ok or a bad idea? if yes for how much
    of the clomid therapy can i take the oxandrolone (Ill be taking clomid for 3 weeks)
    I really want to keep these results, so how does this sound??

    any replies would be appreciated

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    should be fine taken together, oxandrolone has a very slight if any effect at all on the hpta (in reasonable doses of course, 50mg daily). so while clomid helps to restore hpta function oxandrolone should keep that nice muscle that you've worked so hard for, good luck

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    I disagree I think you should always finish clomid before you bridge and anavar has been show to have relatively significant inhibition of HPTA at relatively low doses. If you want to recover then recover if you want to stay on then stay on.

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    Finish clomid, then begin a bridge with var. Get HPTA back on line before bridging.

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