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    Looking For Answers

    I just want everyone one to know that i love this website and that it has helped me tremendously....but anyway to my questions. To let everyone know i am a beginner and all advise is welcome. I am starting a half cycle in about a month of winstrol and TEST400. In MY reasoning it is good for me to start w/ a half cycle to let my body get use to the juice (but like i said I'm new at this, so I don't know if this is wise or not). I am 24 yrs. old and in decent shape. I purchased water-based, b/c i heard oil-based is more harmful w/ more side effects, even though it has better results. I'm not looking to be a body-builder, but I'm desperately looking to improve my physique. I have been working out now for about 5 solid yrs. and i have a great workout routine that works for me, but my questions are what are the best things to take w/o to many side effects, and that prove results? Should i take any anti-estrogen items w/ the products I'm discussing or are they not necessary? Should i take amino acids and/or protein w/ the juice to help re-build muscles? I have read a lot of information, but I am still a little confused to what is the best for me. Also is it best to shoot in different areas everyday, like the buttocks one day then the shoulder then thigh and then the buttocks again? Basically what I'm wanting to know what kind of cycle is best for me to take for what I am trying to accomplish? What juice should I take, and what should I take w/ it, like anti-estrogen, and what should I take to keep me from losing everything I gained once I am done w/ the cycle? All responses are welcome and again thanks for all of your help.

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    Welcome to AR...

    Bro no flame here but I only had to read half way down this post to know that you haven't done enough research here on the board or anywhere else to even start considering A/S. After you've researched every avenue and you still come to a deadend we will always be here to help you find your way. Check out the educational threads and use the search button...they will become very helpful in brandishing you with the power of knowledge.

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    You need to do like Sav said and do some research. Doing a half cycle is dumb and will be a waste of time and money. If you are determined to do a cycle, do it right. Read and learn about everything you can first. Then you ask questions when you are not sure on something. Most or all of your questions have been answered here on this board.

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    Sorry bro but you are not ready. By the way T400 is oil based. What a steroid is suspended in has relatively little to do with sides. Not even sure what a half cycle would consist of but no it is not a good idea. If you are asking if you need to take in protein then you still have questions about working out and nutrition which should all be worked out before you even consider AAS. I cannot believe someone who has worked out for five years would ask that question.

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