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Thread: deca

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    Question deca

    thinlking about using deca for my new cylce. have used it before and love how it gives me lean mass and helps lose body fat. i was wonder ing if i use. weeks 1 200mg
    2 200mg
    3 200mg
    4 400mg
    5 400mg
    6 400mg
    7 400mg
    8 400mg
    9 200mg
    10 200mg....
    If i should use any kind of antiestrogen or if maybe i should use some dbol at the beginning. my weight is 185 and i am 5'11". would eq help me at all. looking to put on lean mass and lose some body fat.....last time i used sustan 250 and dbol with clomid at the end. got very large but eventually lost everything after about 4 months.

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    Anti-e's wont work with Deca . It's gyno is formed from progesterone, pick up some Bromocriptine if possible.
    It would probably be a good idea to stack some test with it to avoid Deca Dick
    Why Taper?

    Make sure to have clomid for post cycle.

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    No need to taper the deca , keep it at 400mg's through out. I would add d-bol to jumpstart the cycle, and test even if it's only 250mg's a week.

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