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Thread: wraps?

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    whenever at the gym the first thing to is my forearms..I think that this prevents me from obtaining a larger bicep... my forearms feel as if they are going to give about 8or9 sets into it... should I use wraps?

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    did you mean to say "the first thing to go". What does your training split look like---what bodyparts do you train together. When you train any bodypart heavy-you need to lower the weight and concentrate on the pump---Im hoping the 8-9 rep range is for burnout. Heavy curls-esp straight barbell really tend to burn my forearms, due to the type of bar---you should experience less strain with an EZ curl barl--which allows you to position your wrists at a better angle. Also, if your forearms tend to burn out easily--change you routine so you are only doing bicep exercises once a week--and only biceps on that day, any pulling type exercises will add to the fatigue---b/c your hand must grip what you are pulling. Hope this info helps, keep us updated.

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    Try reverse curls for one. They are a great bicep excercise and get the forearms.

    And try lower weight- good form isolation excercises for biceps. Arnold style copncentration curls are my new favorite. Stand up- bend over at the waist and have your arm hanging straight down then do conc. curl. No leg or back or shoulder helping you cheat.

    Another good one is standing barbell but lean forward slighty. Takes the shoulders out of it. You will have to drop weight but its beauty for bicep.

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    Try hammer curls and wrist curls to help the forearms get bigger and stronger.

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