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Thread: Winstral?

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    Wink Winstral?

    Hey guys! I need some help here. I need to be cut, and I heard some news on Winstral (is that how you spell it) I need to know some side effects. I am 20 years old and have gained some weight. I used to be preety cut and defined, aminly because I worked out like a pyscho path and took ripped fuel, but now I want to try something new. I need to know the real side effectd before purchasing some of this. I heard some really weird side effects for girls to take it., but i am willing to try this with a great diet and a heavy workout load.

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    Hit the search button, check the steroid profiles and do some more research.

    When you run your search type in WINSTROL.

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    I take it you're a female? First, if that is your real name...go back and re-register to something else, if it isn't forget what I just typed.

    To answer your question, you need to speak with the females of the PTBYJASON and he will get you set up with a female account so you can have access to the female board.

    Common side effects are acne, enlarged clitoris, menstrual cycle will sometimes cease because of increased testosterone , body hair, MPB(male pattern baldness, but member , by taking synthetic can occur to females to).

    BUT BUT BUT. Now that I've totally turned you off.

    Most if not all of these side effects will not be present if you closely monitor your progress and self. And winny is in and out so quick, that if something were to arise, you could stop taking it cold turkey and the sides would diminish.

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    Since I am going to try hard not to be sexist I will tell you what I would tell a male who made that same post. You don't sound ready for AAS to me. You need to do a lot more research and understand that gear is not a substitute for nutrition.

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