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    Question need a little help

    starting a new cycle in a couple of weeks. thinking about kicking it off with some dbol about 30mg ed for 2 weeks. weeks 1-3 deca 200mg. then 4 - 9 400 mg deca. could i benefeit from some test in there and if so what kind and how much. also i am wondering when i need to take my anti estrogens, how much and what kind. please help, i have had problems in the past with using anti esyrogens, i never know when to use them and i always wind up losing my gains. looking to gain quality muscle not the bloat. thanks......

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    supp brotha?ok fisst off your throwing the dbol in there go for 3-4 weeks at 30mg ,it takes a weeks till pretty much hits ya ,the reason u wnat it 3-4 weeks cause the deca or test are both long acting esters so they take 3 weeks to kick in the dbol jump starts need to pyramid up with the deca run 400 across,again u would greatly and ai ephasize greatly benefit from test in there .one your gains will be alot better test is the foundation in any cycle ,and it will help u from getting deca it at 400-500 .straight no tapering or pyramiding.whatkind is tottaly up to you and and a matter of your choice.anties dont help you maintain gains they help you in not getting gyno,proviron or nolv will work fine have them on hand incase the symptoms occure.three weeks after your last injection you want to start your clomid thats what help u maintain your gains .by bringing back your nat.test production.300 mg day one the 100 for 10 days and tehn 50 for another 10 .

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    in some more research

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