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    my winter blitz!

    heres a little something that i put together for the winter .comments are welcome.any comments bad or good!
    1-4 40 mg dbol
    1-4 tren 76 ed
    1-4 100 mg prop ed
    4-10 750 mg sust
    1-10 600 mg eq
    8-13 50mg winn ed
    8-13 tren 76 ed
    10-13 100mg prop ed.
    of course the arimadex,prov,on hand and clomid rigth after ,aslo thinking bout hcg ,it cant hurt.

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    If your gonna run Sust, Run it since week1

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    Originally posted by adaptations
    If your gonna run Sust, Run it since week1
    Yes, dido on the Sus. Your sus will take 3-4 weeks to really kick in, which i'm sure you already know. The way you have it, you won't have any active test in your system for a few weeks. Also, i think you can get rid of either the d-ball, or the Prop, one or the other. Tou only need one to kick start you cycle. I would go w/ the d-ball, and call it a
    Winter Bulker...As for the tren , depending on your cycle experiance, you may or may not need it. I on the other hand like to use it weather i think i need it or not. Winny, well if your BF is low enough at the end of your cycle, i would through it in, otherwise save it for tour cutting cycle, when your diet is clean. Really depends on your body type IMO.

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    yea your right on that .ill adjust it.
    1-4 mg 50 ed prop.
    1-4 500 sust 4-10 750 sust.
    i like having the crazy beggining motivates the hell outta of me .i liek to use ,it whether i need it or not i love the tren .my bf is always low .

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    I would think about dropping the Sust all together and going with Cyp or Enth just to have a single ester in your system.

    Also, I jump started this cycle with Prop, I like it much better than D-Bol, however now at about 3 weeks in I KNOW the Cyp750 is kicking in and so is the EQ600 (actually 4 weeks in on the EQ), so I'm dropping the prop over the next few days because my patience can't take it:-). I'm ready to snap over nothing, I have a strong feeling it's because everything kicked in and the 100mg's of Prop a day is just too much now. I was taking D-bol as well but my BP can't take it, too much bloat even with Arimadex at 1mg ed for me, so I dropped it after about a week. Oh, and the d-bol really fucked with my stomach.

    Just my 2cc's,


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