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Thread: A deca trouble

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    Question A deca trouble

    I'm on a deca cycle, and have been using 200mg/week for 5 weeks....... I always inject on sundays, but my supplier screwed up so i'm out of deca, and I live in a tiny little country so its not easy to get it but am I fucked if the guy doesnt get it soon. After how long time am I screwed or am I already screwed.

    P.s. I know you big guys are gonna laugh at the 200 mg/week but I'm not a big guy (170 lbs) and amazingly the 200 has given me very good gains.....

    Thank You very much,

    Tom Cruise

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    why hello tom! LOL....

    yoiu live in a small country? i swear it says you live in LA....Hmm...
    anyways, today is tuesday should have injected say you have a couple the most..should have gotten all your gear bro...

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    I just checked your other threads & all i can say is what a load of ***** ***** ** *******-****!!!!!.......

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